On the occasion of EXPO 2015 and the theme “Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life “, the project proposes a platform where art and food are means of intervention in the Italian territory and its regions.

In particular, the Emilia Romagna region is in fact worldwide considered one of the richest regions of products and gastronomic excellence, to gain the nickname of “Food Valley“: from ham to Parmesan, from balsamic vinegar to Fungus Porcini.

Contemporary art, as well as food, through its ​​most innovative and experimental languages, becomes a vehicle to communicate to the public symbols and hidden messages of food and its products, offering them to the senses of the viewer as a modern pagan ritual.

The Art of Food Valley is a tour through the flavours and colors of the Emilia Romagna Food Valley, a path between visual arts and contemporary performing entirely dedicated to food, through the involvement of the 5 senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing.

The project has identified twenty typical DOP and IGP products included in the territory between Parma and Modena, called “Food Valley”, and expanded to the whole of Emilia Romagna. The artists involved will reflect on the products listed above, through methods, tools and artistic languages ​​that they bring to light meanings and values ​​related to the sphere of aesthetics, taste, culture.